Alex Fisher  

As someone who went through years of IVF treatments, tests, protocols and a failed pregnancy at a prestigious American medical school and who had her first child via surrogate at a clinic in India, I would unquestionably recommend working with Dr. Keti and her team at Chachava Clinic. My family and I were incredibly fortunate to be connected with Chachava Clinic and Dr. Keti's amazing team through Nest Egg Fertility after India banned commercial surrogacy in 2015. Through a surrogacy agency in Los Angeles, CA we found Chachava. Our entire experience was amazing. Dr. Keti and her team matched us with a surrogate who got pregnant after the first single embryo transfer (with an embryo created and cryopreserved 4 years earlier in California and transported to Tbilisi). The team provided timely updates throughout the entire pregnancy, including all appointments, tests, options and considerations. When COVID struck and changed the landscape of the world, Chachava was proactive in making sure our surrogate and baby stayed safe and healthy and built in protections for our baby's care should she arrive before we were able to enter the country. Despite COVID travel challenges, we were able to get to Tbilisi in time for our daughter's arrival. Unlike my first daughter who was born in India 5 weeks early and already 5 days old when we finally met her, Dr. Keti and her team went above and beyond to allow me so many of the experiences I missed the first time--I got to be in the room when my daughter was born, cut her umbilical cord, skin to skin contact when she was minutes old... While I would never wish the heartache that generally comes when you have difficulty conceiving a child, the love and care we received from Chachava was undoubtedly the silver lining. We are forever in their debt and can't wait until we can safely return for a visit and to share the priceless gift they allowed us to have.