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Frozen egg/embryo cycle  

(One trip programm)

Step 1 –Getting Started 

To get started with our Donation program please complete an application form and send it to our email appointment@chachava.ge

Our representative will contact you shortly, online consultation will be planned and you will be explained in details the cost of treatment, tests required, and the IVF process. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions, as it is very important for you to understand the treatment process entirely from beginning to end.  You will have the possibility to choose from one to two trips programm according to your possibilities and availability to make some lab tests, examinations and check-ups localy in your country. 

Step 2 –Choosing your donor

We will provide you with the donor photos (from our egg bank)  most similar to yours, so you will have the possibility to make a choice. Egg bank guarrantees you to get the best quality eggs which are collected from from our extensive range of donors  with different nationalities  and occupations in our program.

Step 3 – Agreement, payment

Before beginning Egg Donation treatment, we do ask for a deposit in order to schedule your treatment (this is non-refundable).

Step 4 - Tests

We ask you and your partner to send several medical test results to exclude male infertility or other issues and plann accordingly. 

Step 5 - Endometrial preparation 

We will provide you with the endometrial preparation protocol and from the first day of your menstrual cycle you start taking medications. You will be asked for endomentrial thickness ultrasound control with your local doctor. You can plan your visit accordingly (abstinens from ajaculation is adviced to your husband before arrival)  

Step 6 - In Georgia 

You will be picked up from the airport to the our Clnic hotel.

You will have a trans-vaginal ultrasound scan again to be sure that the lining of your uterus is OK and after  ICSI will be performed with your husband's sperm and donor eggs.  You will have 5-7 days to enjoy our beautiful country before the process is over and we will do our best to make them unforgettable for you. 

Step 7 - Embryo transfer 

The embryos are transferred on either day three or day five of development. Our embryologist is highly skilled in identifying healthy embryos and in some cases will recommend extending embryo development to day five, also known as blastocyst stage. Blastocyst transfer is common in IVF cycles as it can increase chances for success while decreasing the likelihood of multiples. 

On transfer day, we will discuss with you the quality and quantity of your embryos.  You can then decide how many you wish to have transferred.  Embryos are transferred to the uterus through a soft embryo transfer catheter. This painless procedure is similar to a pap smear and does not require any anaesthesia. The embryos are placed in a small amount of fluid inside the catheter, which is passed through the cervix at the time of a speculum examination and ultrasound guıdance. The embryos are placed in a position to reach the top part of the uterus. The catheter is removed and checked to ensure that all the embryos have been transferred.

You are required to have a full bladder for the transfer procedure and so we advise to begin drinking water on the way to the hospital. After the embryo transfer is complete, your bed will be wheeled from the procedure room into your private room, all while you remain lying flat on your back.

If you desire to use cryopreservation, the good quality embryos that are not transferred can be frozen in liquid nitrogen, carefully labeled and stored in the embryo bank. These can be used in subsequent cycles if pregnancy is not achieved on the first attempt or if you decide to have more children at a later date.

After two days you can freely fly back to your country leaving feedbacks about our hospital, staff, country e.t.c. 

Step 8 -  Result

 12 days after Embryo Transfer you will be recommended to perform hCG test wich is the most accurate test for pregnancy. 


Long live Chachava! - Couple from Turkey

As we write this our precious baby is one month old, sleeping in her bed and each and every day we think to ourselves how we are blessed to have found Chachava Clinic to help us through our journey to this happy end.

After many failed attempts of IVF and a frustrating miscarriage (my wife had intrauterine adhesions) we were at the edge of giving up completely. I was 45 and my wife was 43.  In the beginning, we were  just like you, confused and desperate, the only fact that we knew was that surrogacy was legal in Georgia, which obviously made this country so noble and and ahead of its time before our eyes. Apparently, Georgia was our last chance. 
Thanks to the Internet, we made a quick research, found a few contacts and flew to Tbilisi in a short time. Tbilisi was an elegant city, full of history and had a spirit. People were warm and friendly, transportation was cheap. We took a taxi and the driver took us to wherever we want the whole day for a very reasonable price. My wife and I went to our first two appointments in the morning, however, our first impression was not satisfactory with those centers.
Then in the afternoon we found ourselves in Chachava. Just like the city, the facility was very impressive with the historical architecture and the ambience was very inspiring. As a medical professional, while I was strolling the hospital I noticed the facility was clean, well-organized and the equipment they used were hi-tech.
We met Keti and Tatiana, who we will never forget and will always be obliged to. They informed us about their approach and pathway thoroughly. Our trust to the foundation doubled. We instantly knew we were in the right place. We learned about the expenses, the legal procedures, the technical issues, the risks, and everything. By that evening, we were ready to go already.
We failed in the first ET attempt with our surrogate. But our trust to the staff was full, and their self confidence was full too. In the second attempt the surrogate got pregnant. Once again we were so impressed by their professionalism.
The pregnancy went so smooth, the expenses and payments were just like they were planned, nothing extra happened in an unexpected way. We always keep in touch with Keti and Tatiana, they answered our questions instantly and kept us relaxed us all the time.
Our daughter came 3 weeks earlier than planned, however she was healthy and beautiful, thanks to God. The neonatal department staff were so professional as very caring and love-giving. Big thanks to them once again.
We stayed in the hospital in one of the  hotel rooms of the facility, which was a blessing as well. We spent our days in a five-star hotel comfort. The whole staff was so supportive. We also made new friends from other parents whose stories were just like ours.
One warning here should be given: Each country has its regulations for the travel documents of the newborn babies. The paperwork may take from at least 2-3 weeks to 6 months to travel back to your country with your baby (babies). Your country may not even have a consulate in Tbilisi which renders the procedure harder and longer than you think.
Just two weeks after the delivery we were able to fly back to our country. Hope everything goes smooth with you my friend and our prayers are with you. I call this “the fellowship of Chachava”.  Long live Chachava!

Couple from European Union

In our hearts…

We had lost hope on having children. It seemed there was no solution, no open door. But then, we found Georgia, a country where friendship and solidarity are everywhere, every day.

And then we found Chachava Clinic. There was hope. From the first moment we could see great facilities where every single step of our dream happened, instead of jumping from place to place. Even fantastic indoors apartments are available, so we always felt at home. But also, there was a wonderful staff, always smiling, supporting us, almost being our family when our emotions went up and down like a rollercoaster. Their high technical expertise is the final piece of the puzzle.

It was not an easy journey, there were ups and downs. Specially Tatiana and Keti stood there with us and for us…

And now… We are holding our two healthy babies with great joy and happiness!

We can´t thank enough Chachava Clinic: the impossible dream came true!

We have Chachava Clinic and Georgia in our hearts.


Couple from Turkey

I just wanted to thank you all team of Chachava Clinic for giving us hope and support they always extend kindness to us, also very professional. First of all I want to write special thanks to Keti and Tatiana fabulous Embryologists and of course our surrogate mother. We are truly grateful. Now we are waiting for our baby. Hope to meet our little angel soon!Greatful for everthing. Couple from Turkey.

Thank you for giving me hope and meaning in life

Reproductive Health Center has created an extraordinarily warm and friendly atmosphere.  After several years of inadequate treatment, I was almost disappointed.  When I arrived at the Reproductive Health Center of Chachava Clinic I got convinced from the very first moment that infertility was not a verdict for me. With everybody’s effort, patience, attention and professionalism and Lord’s mercy now in my body at the age of 46, new life grows.

 My doctors lead me though all stages of pregnancy, at any time of the day ready to give me a competent answer to any question and calm me down.

Many thanks on Reproductive Health Center team, Especially Keti and Tamta! Thank you for giving me hope and meaning in life@


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