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Chachava Clinic was established around 150 years ago and has deserved the reputation of leading institution in obstetrics and gynecology. It is located in the downtown of Tbilisi. Building of the Clinic was constructed in 1875 and still has preserved its original architectural appearance. In 2007  facade was restored.

Chachava Clinic was privatized in 2000. In February 7, 2001, constituted as a Joint Stock Company and nowadays it  is a legal entity of private law.




Continuous innovation is prerequisite of our strategic development and already achieved success.

 More than 500 000 births until today

XXI century medical market challenged to expand the profile of the clinic and at present the Clinic provides the population with more than 70 types of services. Below is listed incomplete list of services provided by the Clinic:

  • Full range of outpatient and inpatient Obstetrics and Gynecological services
  • Full range of Reproductive Health services
  • Maternity ouse together with Neonatology department.
  • ENT
  • Allergology
  • Plastic Surgery, Gynecologic Surgery
  • General Surgery
  • Traumatology, Orthopedics
  • Aesthetic medical center
  • Dental Clinic

The building consists of four floors with 9 operating halls.  Staff of the Clinic consists of physicians, nurses and other auxiliary personnel, in total 350 staff members. Among them about 45 Doctors of Medical Sciences  (PHD Academic Degree) and professors.


With the exquisite interior design of the clinic , we express our respect to the patients. We Created an environment, which helps them to get positive emotions and feel relaxed.

➡ According to the basic medical parameters of the Clinic for 2000-2011 the number of registered patients is consistently high. There is a significant reduction of the indicators of stillbirth and perinatal mortality; Length of stay indicator reduced from 5 to 3,4. The rates of post-operation complications and re-hospitalizations have trend of decrease.

➡ The Clinic is a service provider for leading insurance companies on the insurance market of Georgia (Aldagi BCI”; “GPI Holding”; “IC Group” ; “Qartu”, etc. etc).

➡ The Clinic has close cooperation with outstanding pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment manufacturers.

➡ The partners of the Clinic are “ProCredit Bank Georgia”  and  “Bank Republic – Societe Generale Group”.

➡ According to the financial parameters for the 2000-2011 period significant increase of the income is registered. The Clinic has no arrears towards the State budget  and no overdue credit debts. According to all financial parameters the Clinic has sustainable financial condition.

The share of services provided by the Clinic makes up 24% of the medical market in Tbilisi and 9% in Georgia.


Couple from Turkey

I just wanted to thank you all team of Chachava Clinic for giving us hope and support they always extend kindness to us, also very professional. First of all I want to write special thanks to Keti and Tatiana fabulous Embryologists and of course our surrogate mother. We are truly grateful. Now we are waiting for our baby. Hope to meet our little angel soon!Greatful for everthing. Couple from Turkey.

Thank you for giving me hope and meaning in life

Reproductive Health Center has created an extraordinarily warm and friendly atmosphere.  After several years of inadequate treatment, I was almost disappointed.  When I arrived at the Reproductive Health Center of Chachava Clinic I got convinced from the very first moment that infertility was not a verdict for me. With everybody’s effort, patience, attention and professionalism and Lord’s mercy now in my body at the age of 46, new life grows.

 My doctors lead me though all stages of pregnancy, at any time of the day ready to give me a competent answer to any question and calm me down.

Many thanks on Reproductive Health Center team, Especially Keti and Tamta! Thank you for giving me hope and meaning in life@


Couple from Sydney, Australia

On a sunny afternoon at our rented Apartment opposite Chachva Clinic gazing out at the clear skies of Tbilisi,Georgia and I am trying to reflect back on how & when it all started and how everything worked out to bring us where we are in our life today- NOW !!!

Nothing short of a miracle we are blessed with Twins a baby boy & a girl after almost 5 years….absolutely humbled and with utmost gratitude we would like to “Thank” the entire Team of JSC Chachava Clinic for giving us hope and supporting us throughout our Surrogacy arrangement.

Specifically,I am thinking about 3 endometriosis surgeries , multiple IVF failures and 2 miscarriage my wife experienced over the past 4 years…..and then we decide to travel to Tbilisi Georgia at Chachava Clinic last year for Surrogacy to be blessed with Twins babies today………..wouldn’t have been possible without the collective effort of the entire Medical Team at Chachava Clinic- Dr. Oliko, Dr.Hakan etc and of course our lovely Surrogate Mother.

Most importantly we would like to Thank Keti Gotridze - Manager of Administration who stood besides us as our pillar of strength all through out. 

Surrogacy as such is a complicated process and was an emotional ride for us….Not all situations were alike. All throughout 12 months Keti was extraordinarily patient with our questions& emails and our phone calls we made from Australia at odd timings. She was always on top of and updated about our Surrogate…her blood results ,consultaltion,reports etc. On the phone she would listen to our questions patiently at length(even when they were silly)…….We had several detailed conversations on the phone and Keti has always given us that extra time until we felt satisfied. In final days here in Tbilisi, we feel like home in Georgia and its mostly because of Keti and her support.Can’t Thank you enough Keti !

There is so much we can go on to say about the rest of the Team members here at Chahchava- Tamara, Tatiana, Dr. Khatuna and their individual help on various occasion.It will be unfair if we don’t ….we have decided to write a blog instead to share our entire Surrogacy experience in Tbilisi,Georgia at Chachava Clinic.

Couple from Sydney, Australia

Thank you!

"Due to my hormonal disorders for years, I decided to have a consultation with some other endocrinologist and started to look for a good specialist. One friend of mine recommended me to check Chachava Clinic. And I got the appointment there very soon.

I have made 3 visits to Chachava Clinic over past 4 weeks and have been very impressed by t
he professionalism and individual approach of the staff. First of all, it was easy to get an appointment and all tests that I needed were done in the Chachava laboratory, so I got the results on the same day. Staff are knowledgeable and very helpful. Also the facility is very beautiful. So, overall I was satisfied with the services I received there and would definitely recommend it."

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