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Chachava Hospital Since 1875

Reproductive Health Center of Chachava Clinic is located in one of the oldest Maternity Hospitals in Tbilisi established since 1875.
Reproductive Health Center opened in 2014 in virtue of it’s high technological standards, state-of-the-art laboratory and long experienced professionals became very popular in short period of time.








Reproductive Health Centre of Chachava Clinic is the only one Hospital in Georgia that offers:


  • One stop-solution, all medical, legal and organizational services under one roof, so that patients don't need to care about any detail.
  • Our main principal is to get positive result and because our success rate is over 85%.
  • Smooth, clear and comfortable surrogacy/egg donation programs.
  • Donors with open pictures are chosen by the patient from our big database.
  • Affordable cost, high quality medical care modern fertility unit with state-of-the-art laboratory providing patients with technologically most advanced treatment options.
  • Individual approach that makes patients feel comfortable and relaxed. Our International Patient Coordinators care for the patients along the treatment and keep them updated through the whole process.
  • "Feel like home" - this is what the patients often say when they arrive, as they see comfortable environment where they feel love and care along the proper treatment.
  • Surrogate mother plays the greatest role in your life, she carries your baby until birth, she does not have any genetic ties to the child because it was not her egg that was used. We offer to the patients well examined surrogate mothers with healthy life style, who are taking care to the whole pregnancy period to deliver healthy baby.
  • We have created All Inclusive Guaranteed Surrogacy Programs. Fixed amount, no hidden fees, Unlimited attempts of IVF/ICSI until live birth of he baby.
  • Change your life through surrogacy with us, take your dream baby with legal birth certificate to your home. We do it for you!





Our hospital`s  reproductive department   with    years of  experience and highly   qualified  team  clearly  understands  how  emotional  it  is to  face fertility  struggles and that is why   every  day  24/7 each  member  of  our  team is available  to   give you   any   necessary  and useful  information  about  our    In-vitro  Fertilization (IVF)  programs.    We provide   several   kind of  programs  to   achieve our main goal , parenthood for you.     

There are    several steps for  any  surrogacy  program you  may  choose :


Contact your personal Coordinator

In the beginning of any  program  you    will have personal coordinator which  is chosen by you ( Personal coordinator  is an assistant for  you  who  is here   to  give all necessary  information , prepare  documents and be  there for you  throw whole journey  from  the  choosing the suitable package till  stepping in the parenthood

Get free Skype consultation with fertility doctor

Our hospital offers you more easy way  for communication or to have consultations with fertility doctor  via free Skype or  other social media  call. This ways are  more comfortable for you to get all kind  of updates including medical information and plannig your future steps or treatments .

Choose your package

Based on our years of practice we  created several guaranteed packages  which   generally is    one financial investment that covers  all  costs associated with the program. During the program you will be feeling  comfortable  and confident  that  journey  towards   parenthood will be easier  than u  expected.

Plan your trip to Georgia

We provide not only the medical services, but we also deal with organizational issues for example ticket booking, accommodation etc. Representitive  person of our hospital  will meet you at the airport, from were starts your  life-changing journey.

Start your treatment

Your treatment starts after you  choose  package and arrive in our hospital. You will be given  all details about all examination and procedures by doctor and your coordinator. Our team will make their best to feel you like home and treat you as a family  member.

Go back home and get updates during the whole program from your doctor

You will be informed about everything in details : How prengancy of your surrogate mother is going; How your baby/babies  feels. Consistent  communication  with   your  personal coordinator  will give you  peace of  mind.

Come and attend the birth of your child 

❤ Our main aim is to make the infertile couple happy and they could hold their dream babies on their hands right away.  Don’t  forget to bring us souvenir from your country ❤ to remmember you forever