What makes us special!



International level

In our hospital professional doctors will provide the best service by world-renowned modern approaches and technologies for local and foreign patients!


Centuries of experience !

Since 1875 till today more than 500 000 babies was born in Chachava Clinic. In our hospital the environment is focused on family and every day is a celebration! 


Thousands of satisfied patients!

Hundreds of patients use the services of our clinic daily. Our main priority is their satisfaction and happiness!







For many years Chachava Clinic was well known only as a maternity house. It is not vary long time that biased the high quality Obstetric services, hospital provides so many other services with various medical attachments.

Chachava Clinic is a multiprofessional medical facility, which provides its numerous patients with all types of medical services in compliance with european standards. The hospital is equipped with the latest updated models of medical equipment, our doctors intelligent resources and always renewable equipment base ensure effective treatment and high results, but no less important to us is the process itself, the safe and comfortable environment in which patients receiving cervices.


Chachava Clinic

has gained

international accreditation.