History of Chachava Clinic


In 1873, a small maternity hospital was opened in Tbilisi, on the basis of which the construction of a new maternity hospital began. Finances for this construction were allocated by a representative of the Russian Tsarist family, His Excellency the daughter of Olga Theodore.

The construction of the new maternity hospital was initiated by Adolf Alexander Remmert, MD, Head of the Medical Division of the Caucasus and Transcaucasian Civil Service (A. A. Remert was the obstetrician-gynecologist of Olga, a member of the Russian royal family). At his request, the foundation was laid for the construction of a new medical facility.

The architect of the building was Alexander Rogoisky (a famous Polish architect). In 1875, the maternity hospital was transformed into the Transcaucasian Obstetric Institute, one of the main functions of which was to prepare qualified midwives for women living in the Caucasus. Due to this, a special charter was created for the Transcaucasian Maternity Institute and the existing maternity hospital. The institute was later renamed the Olga Transcaucasian Obstetrics and Gynecology Institute (in historical sources, the institute was referred to as the Transcaucasian Obstetric Institute until 1901, and the Transcaucasian Olga Obstetric Institute in 1901). The street on which the institute was located was named after Olga (Olga Street). The institute was rightly called the "Transcaucasian Institute" because it served not only the women living in Georgia, but also the population of Armenia and Azerbaijan. The obstetrics, gynecology and neonatal department of the institute included 150 beds.

Since 1912, the institute has been referred to as the Olga Transcaucasian Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

From 1935 it was called the Scientific Research Institute of Mothers and Children. 

In 1960, the institute was separated from Institute of Pediatrics, after which it was renamed the Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology. 

In 1981 the institute was awarded to Academician K.V. Chachava's name and was called: “Acad. K.V. Chachava Scientific-Research Institute of Perinatal Medicine and Obstetrics-Gynecology ". Due to its long name, people affectionately called the institute "Chachava Clinic", which is why in 2010 the official name of the institute was changed to "Chachava Clinic".

Chachava Clinic is one of the oldest medical institutions in Georgia. Since its inception, more than 500,000 newborns have been born within the walls of the clinic.