Water Birth ward

A special Water Birth pool fully adapted to the parturient.
Complete Natural birth in water.
A special maternity pool was made in England by a team with 95 years of experience on the order of the Chachava Clinic.

High-quality materials, special designs, and functional capabilities are adapted to ensure a safe and comfortable Natural birth in water. A parturient has a free and comfortable space to move, so she can easily take a favorable position during childbirth.

Every detail in the birthing pool is designed to make everyone involved in the birthing process. Feel as safe and comfortable as possible (the pregnant woman, midwife and the partner). Drainage and support systems, a comfortable seat, steps to access the panel, a lighting system, and special railings provide maximum comfort for the woman and facilitate the delivery process.

Cost of water birth: 1500 GEL. The cost of the ward is added to the amount. You can select the wards on our website