Since its founding, more than 500 000 newborns have born at the Chachava Clinic. Our experienced team has always taken responsibility for the safety and healthy start of each newborn. 
Powerful neonatology service of Chachava Clinic with intellectual resources and full hardware support is ready to manage both timely and premature infants with various health problems.

პედიატრია, ნეონატოლოგია, მშობიარობა,


In reliable hands from the first minutes of life

The maternity units of our clinic are equipped with high quality medical equipment, which controls all the vital functions of the mother and fetus, as well as the newborn. The units are provided with medical gases, ultra-modern equipment necessary for newborn and mother first aid. Such is the Drager firm neonatal resuscitation table that will provide timely medical care to the newborn if needed. Every childbirth is attended by a neonatologist who starts taking care of your little one's health from the very first moment of life.

During your stay at the clinic, you will have daily contact with a neonatologist. The doctor will give you all the necessary recommendations. Helps you to properly understanding the principles of breastfeeding, will provide you with complete information about the stages of development of the baby and the symptoms of attention.


Metabolic screening

Neonatal screening is an important preventive method that involves screening for a number of rare diseases. This is a unique method by which it is possible to test a child before the onset of symptoms of the disease. Babies born to us have the opportunity to undergo this examination in the maternity ward. Our pediatricians will provide you with detailed information on newborn metabolic screening.


Screening for hereditary eye diseases

Your babies will be screened at the maternity ward. Timely diagnosis allows us to assess the condition at an early stage and make appropriate recommendations. Certainly the screening is completely safe and painless.

Hearing screening

We explore how well your babies can hearing. In case of finding a problem, it gives you the necessary recommendations. The process is completely painless and provides us with very important information.


After you leave the maternity ward, we will continue to take care of your little ones' health.

In our clinic you can treat children:
Planned vaccination according to the National Immunization Calendar;
Pediatrician consultation; Consultation with a neurologist;
Neurosonoscopy - recommended up to 2 months;
Echocardiography - recommended up to 2 months;
Ultrasound of the pelvic-femoral joints - recommended for 3 months;
Orthopedic consultation for 3-6 months.