Parents' School


It's necessary for pregnant mother and people around her, to know as much as possible about the magic nine months. This helps mother with pregnancy period and a birth moment.

Chachava Clinic Parents' School - a place where expectant mothers and fathers visit us with happiness!

Special seminars and physical exercises for pregnant women, both physically psychologically, will prepare you for childbirth, to make this process significantly easier for you.












At the seminars of Chachava Clinic "Parents' School" you will learn:

  • What changes take place in a woman's body during pregnancy;
  • How the baby develops and grows according to the months;
  • Principles of pregnancy nutrition, weight gain norms;
  • Pregnancy care and hygiene;
  • Physical activity;
  • Travel and sex life;
  • Pregnancy discomforts and methods to avoid them;
  • Postpartum care.












It is important that future parents know how to care for their little one. The pediatricians of our clinic's parent school will give you useful tips and teach you how to take care of your child in practice. Prospective parents at the parent school are introduced to the physiological characteristics of the newborn, the rules of hygienic handling, the basic principles of natural (breastfeeding) and the conditions conducive to lactation. In addition, expectant parents receive information in advance about the meaning of "heat chain", skin-to-skin contact between mother and newborn. They also learn how important it is for a father to attend childbirth. Prospective parents are also introduced to the signs in the parent school that they must pay attention to in the process of child care and growth and development. 

At the seminars we will discuss about:

  • Newborn care and hygiene issues;
  • Issues related to newborn nutrition;
  • The benefits of breastfeeding, the principles of successful breastfeeding;
  • Your main questions and prepare you to meet your little baby.










Each workshop is enriched with a thematic videos

It's important to psychologically prepare the pregnant woman and her husband for the birth process. Expectant parents should expect childbirth not our of fear but in anticipation of future joy. Parents' School will help you to be prepared to meet this important moment. 

According to the obstetricians and gynecologists of our clinic, midwives who have attended seminars and physical exercises at the "Parents' School" are trained to understand this responsible process and are less tense. Consequently, the sensation of pain during childbirth is significantly reduced.

Psycho-physical training will help you to overcome the fear of childbirth, during which you will learn about the management of childbirth by different methods accepted in the world (painkillers, various breathing techniques, relaxation training necessary for childbirth). There are groups in the "Parents' School" of Chachava Clinic, where you can perform safe and useful exercises under the supervision of a specially trained instructor. 

Pregnancy and chilbirth are associated with high energy expenditure, so the more physically prepared you are, the better you will feel during pregnancy and the easier the birth process will be. Also, you will regain the initial weight for the body sooner after giving birth. 








Meet Your Baby