Anesthesia Methods

Pain is a side effect of the normal birth process. Studies show that if childbirth takes place in close proximity to the family environment, women in most cases do not even resort to the method of medical analgesia. Among the non-pharmacological methods of analgesia are important movements and free positions of the mother: Walking, standing, kneeling, and any free position in which you will be assisted to the maximum by the medical staff of the clinic. Systematic massage of the soft tissues of mother's body purposefully used during childbirth, which leads to relaxation, feeling of care, love, care and pain relief. Water delivery is possible in our clinic. The main cause of medical pain in childbirth is the loss of physical perception of pain. Systemic and regional (epidural) analgesia methods are mainly used.

When using systemic analgesia, the woman is calm between attacks. The discomfort is felt only during a strong contraction of the uterus, but the pain is perfectly tolerable. It is noteworthy that as a result of this method of analgesia, fetal respiratory depression is noted as a side effect - nausea and vomiting. Epidural analgesia provides a good analgesic effect. Constant electronic monitoring of fetal heart rate is performed at this time.

The medical staff of Chachava Clinic will help you to strengthen your self-confidence and develop the ability to manage emotions.

These are important factors to help you deal with labor pains.