Are you planning pregnancy?

For this, it is advisable to contact the clinic in advance. The doctors of our clinic will generously help you to successfully realize this issue. Professional obstetricians and gynecologists of Chachava Clinic will advise you during prenatal supervision. "Family planning" includes a set of activities that simultaneously provide solutions to several tasks:

  • Having the defined number of children;
  • Regulating intervals between pregnancies;
  • Selecting the time of birth of the child taking into account the age of the parents;
  • Avoiding unwanted pregnancies.














In addition to tasting, you will receive the necessary information on the following issues:

  • Healthy lifestyle;
  • Healthy eating, optimal weight;
  • Importance of regular physical activity;
  • Harmful effects of tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

During the consultation, the doctor will inform you about the screening tests to be performed before pregnancy and their importance.