Couple From india  

Like many couples exploring surrogacy, we had experienced more than our fair share of fertility treatments and procedures until we found Chachava Clinic which impressed us instantly. They provide excellent top-notch services and our experience with them has been nothing short of great. It is so important to work with the right people to achieve success and we know a good thing when we see it. With their competency, we struck a beautiful miracle...A healthy bouncy baby girl. Their outstanding reputation also means they partner with the best medical specialists of quality doctors, nurses and other professionals. Dr Keti, with whom we had our first one-on- one, always shines in her expertise, experience and her ability to communicate. She made us feel at ease right away. Dr Tata in whose expert hands our baby was born kept us abreast on the fetal development and progress right from gestation period until a safe and smooth birth. She also kept us aware on the state of our surrogate mother at every stage of the pregnancy. A team that is efficient, friendly, responsible, flexible, caring and professional were always at the end of the phone to advise, suggest and respond to our queries. Tatiana, our International coordinator, was the glue that held everything together. She is very efficient, always warm, supportive and approachable. It meant a lot to have an understanding and friendly voice on the line during a stressful and emotional time. We had a most incredible and life changing experience. We are indebted and earnestly thankful. No words could adequately express our gratitude to everyone on the team for making our dream into a reality. We would recommend Chachava clinic highly without reservation. They truly are top of the world. When we are ready for a second child, we hope that with your continued support, we will yet again achieve success. We are looking forward to our next journey with you in the near future. Thank you Dr Keti. We value your integrity and support. It was because of you and your wonderful team that our child saw the first light of day.