Couple from Kazakhstan  

My name is Dilara, I am from Almaty (Kazakhstan). Even though there are many IVF Clinics in our country with 20 years experience, I decided to undergo the IVF in Tbilisi (Georgia). As I heard your country has a high level of medical care. My husband who is from Georgia found your website and as we contacted you, the girls from the reception immediately passed our case to Keti, the manager of the Clinic.

The first time I visited the Clinic in March for an initial examination. I would like to mention the hospitality of the Clinic’s staff. I guess I'll never forget (sorry do not know the name) a woman from the laboratory which took the analysis (smear). The first impression was very positive as there were many factors such as high level of professionalism of medical staff, pleasant ambience in the Hospital (very clean and orderliness), no queues. After meeting the main creator of miracles Professor Hakan Bey, he is an expert from Turkey, it was already clear that I was in good hands. He is very experienced specialist. From the beginning he gave us a strong hope about the whole thing! Although, I mentioned the professor, but I'm sure that working as a team with Lala and Keti was the most positive influence on all results!!! All procedures went smoothly and painless, we constantly felt attention and care, and it is important in this!!!

Also I would separately mention the embryologists. They are amazing people who make miracles in the laboratory, and I remember very well, how happy they were looking at the result of their work – the Embryo (my baby was a small roundel at that time). I want to express my special thanks to Keti for all the constant attention before, during and even after the IVF procedure. You are the one who used to meet me in the Clinic with such a desire and understanding. And I will never forget it!!! And big thank to Lala for all her effort, for all the useful instructions and guidance she gave me. 

Yes, you have created a miracle on the first attempt. We are already five weeks old and we are fine!!!