The goal of mammoplasty is to increase the size of the breast through silicone implants, change the shape, correct the asymmetry, lift. Breast augmentation, lifting, implantation - this is the safest method today.

It is possible to determine the exact result before the operation, which is a great comfort for both the doctor and the patient. Implant manufacturers give us a lifetime guarantee of quality. In general,the implant is absolutely compatible with the body and can withstand a load of 800-900 kg. If the surgery is performed by an experienced surgeon, there is virtually no risk of postoperative complications.




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Rehabilitation period

After the first 3 days, when the patient looks at his chest, he sees the real result and forgets about any kind of pain. Typically, the patient is referred for outpatient treatment the next day.

You can go for work 1 week after the operation. We open the sutures in 10-12 days, sometimes it is possible to temporarily disrupt or change the sensitivity of the dwarf-areola complex.

The car can be driven after 1-2 months. Women are entitled to full physical activity 2-3 months after surgery.  Full scar formation ends about 12 months after surgery 

Direct sunlight and solarium are prohibited for 3 months after surgery, and after 3 months you can usually get a tan.