Plastic gynecology

Plastic gynecology helps to solve health issues as well as esthetic ones. 



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Plastic gynecology can also be a solution for women, who experience complications after giving birth. Gynecologic surgery can solve almost all issues that might arise after giving birth, as for instance poorly healed episiotomy, incontinence or the subjective feeling of a too tight or loose vagina. When some of these problems arise, you should visit our specialist firstly after the puerperium period is over. The optimal time for the surgery is about 2 months after you finish breast-feeding. As for the other treatments, you can always consult our doctors to find an appointment according to your personal needs.






G-Spot Enhancement






G-Spot Enhancement

The G spot is named after Dr Gräfenberg, a German doctor who first described this nerve rich, and therefore sensitive area on the front inner wall of the female vagina. The G-spot is located around 4-5 cm from the vaginal entry, just behind the pubic bone. It is thought that stimulation of the G-sot is responsible for vaginal orgasm and ejaculation.

G-Spot  identifies this area and increases its volume, using injected collagen filling material under local anaesthetic.

This short office procedure takes less than 10minutes. The G spot becomes more sensitive and easier to identify. The effects are noticeable within a few hours. Effects will likely wear as the filler material gets absorbed and a repeat procedure might be required after 6-12 months.

The effects are noticeable within a few hours and sexual intercourse is safe and not any more uncomfortable on the same day.














For whom is the surgery suitable? This treatment is suitable for women with a health or esthetic problem with their labia.

Surgery: The surgery is performed at the end of the menstruation period. General anesthesia is recommended as the procedure can otherwise be uncomfortable for the patient. One day hospitalization usually follows. The surgeon operates very slowly and measures the incisions precisely in order to keep the potential scars hidden. The stiches are absorbable.

Recovery: After the surgery, the patient has to follow strict intimate hygiene. In the first few days, the operated area should be kept without any bandage. The patient should limit sitting and have a 7-10 days of downtime. Patients do not experience much pain, only a slight burning sensation in the first two days. The healing period should be about 2 weeks long. Sexual intercourse is allowed after 4 – 6 weeks.





Labia augmentation





Labia Augmentation

For whom is the surgery suitable? Women choose this treatment mostly for esthetic reasons, for instance when skin around the labia loses elasticity.

Surgery: The surgery is done under general anesthesia and has two parts. First, the fat is removed from the lower abdomen, inner thighs or other part of the body. Secondly, the fat is transferred into the labia to reach the desired size. One-day hospitalization is needed.

Recovery: You should be resting at home for 10 days.  The overall healing process takes 14 days. The labia will look bigger immediately after the surgery. The transferred fat will partially absorb afterwards and the labia will get into the desired shape.














For whom is the surgery suitable? The reasons for hymenoplasty are mostly cultural or religious; another reason is an injury when thy hymen is ruptured. Hymenoplasty is also often chosen by women who want to honor their new partner and therefore undertake this treatment.  

Surgery: The surgery is done under general anesthesia and takes around 40 minutes. Reconstruction is much easier in case there are some pieces of hymen left. Stitches are absorbable and do not irritate the skin. If the woman is able to give up her intimate life for enough time, the following sexual experience is very authentic.  One day hospitalization is necessary.   

Recovery: You will need only one week of downtime. Sexual intercourse is prohibited for 3 weeks.